Avimor Schools

Avimor School Options

Avimor is a well-planned community where future development includes neighborhood schools right in the Village. For now, The West Ada School District meets the needs of the school age kids in Avimor utilizing  Eagle area schools, a short bus ride away.  These schools are prepared to enroll Avimor students from grades K – 12 in a variety of excellent programs to meet parents and students expectations. The School District envisions an environment where all students receive a quality education emphasizing skills, knowledge, and character development.  For more information about each of the schools and their specialties or focus listed below, check out http://www.westada.org.

  • Eagle Elementary/Eagle School of the Arts (Elementary)
  • Eagle Hills Elementary (K-5)
  • Galileo/Galileo STEM Academy (Elementary)
  • Seven Oaks/Seven Oaks Elementary (Year around school calender)
  • Eagle Academy (High School shuttle available)
  • Eagle High School
  • Eagle Middle School