Avimor Newsletter

The Avimor Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication, which is designed, and published by Kristin Dudley, with great assistance in all areas by Pat Pintar. Articles in the past have been submitted by Pat Pintar, Sarah Bonnette, Emily Apsley, Nathan Smith, Becca Thompson, Ryan Bentley, and Gwendolyn Drake. Photography is contributed by a variety of Avimor photographers, including but not limited to Pat Pintar, DTC Photography, Hawk’s Nest Photography, Kelly Hebert Photography, and Jim Arl.

Comments, information, photos, and items of interest to the community may be sent to Kristin Dudley by the 15th of the month prior to publication. Guest opinions will be printed on a case-by-case basis. Children’s art may be submitted by children of residents. Calendar events are reserved for events that are open to the entire community. Questions, comments, and compliments can be directed to Kristin at 208-994-2585 or email Kristin@KristinDudley.com


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